Welcome to Spare Art Studio!

Spare Art Studio is a one woman concern which exists solely to raise funds for underprivileged children in Grenada’s primary schools. The  charity Gift Grenada  administers these  funds.

This  Charity came into fruition  when a small group of people got together to raise funds for a school playground. The group was so successful it gave birth to the registered charity Gift Grenada.

The main focus of this charity is  provide food and books for primary school children.  Gift Grenada adopts schools to assist and currently has four schools and hope, with your generous assistance, to add more. Every cent you donate for a piece of driftwood art goes to the children.

The Art

Here you will find all  the artwork, unsold and sold.   (🔴 Red dot denotes sold.) Click on any of the photographs below to  go to a new page with more information about the art.  Please get in touch if you see something you like and want something similar.    Obviously commissioned driftwood pieces can never be exactly  the same as others.   However something similar is possible .  All work depends on what the  tide brings in.


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If you are interested in any of the pieces of art, please feel free to send us a message by filling out the form below. If you have any special requests, please be detailed in your comments below.

About The Artist

Julia Harrison

Julia is the woman behind Spare Art Studio and she collects all of the driftwood and creates artwork to sell in the gallery. She has been living on the island of Grenada on and off for over 20 years and has created over 100 pieces of driftwood art to sell for the charity, Gift Grenada.




Who is Spare?

The Art Studio is named after Julia’s divine dog Spare. He is a loving 12 year old boy who adores roaming the beaches of Grenada and helping find the best pieces of wood.

When you buy a piece of Spare Art, you can bet that Spare was there when the materials were found. He is full of love and he really enjoys his walks.

He also loves to have visitors, so if you come and visit the Spare Art Studio you may just see him walking around. If you’re really lucky, he’ll come up and greet you. Don’t worry! He’s a gentleman and would never lick or jump up.

Spare loves car rides, belly rubs, beaches, jungle hikes and most of all, spending time with his loving owners Julia and Peter.

Julia and Peter found Spare on the beach one day.  He had been  abandoned by his  owner. Spare is  like the art produced by Spare Art Studio. Once  he was lost, washed up, but  then he was found.    He, like the driftwood, turned out to be one of the most wonderful things in the world!

Who Does Spare Art Help?

Spare art studio helps primary school children. In a typical primary school in Grenada, there are often about forty children whose parents are unable to provide a proper breakfast or purchase the books.

Although the school staff make every effort to help, several children are going without. No breakfast and no books makes for a very poor start in education.

How much does it take to help a child in need?

EC$350 is all it takes to supply books and food to a needy child for one whole year.

The  Aim

The aim of Spare Art  Studio is to  raise as much as possible from donations made from sales of art, which is made by former actress, author and hotelier Julia Harrison. Every single cent you give for a piece of driftwood art goes to buy breakfast and books.

Almost all  the materials used are found on the beaches of Grenada. The listed donation on each piece that you see is the lowest acceptable, but please feel free to pay more!  Commissions undertaken.

The children will benefit from your generosity and we hope that Spare Art will make you smile and give you pleasure. Your purchase will give these less fortunate children an equal chance to get a decent education.